OneStep4Autism, Inc.


OneStep4Autism, Inc. is our journey through life, love and family. Ours is a blended family and we believe stepparents and step siblings are an important and often overlooked part of the autism community. I, my son, and daughter have been blessed to be part of a special bond with my wife and her two boys; both of whom are on the autism spectrum. This website is the first step towards our family helping to provide support, resources and hopefully a means of comfort for all families of children diagnosed with autism. Our long-term goals are not only to be an effective resource for families, but we also seek to establish an adult residence and daycare program for children as well. Our vision will take patience, perseverance and cooperation. In the meantime, we look for input from the autism community and from you; our friends and family. We want to get to know all of you; share your joys and tears with us and together we can explore relevant information, educational and medical support, and to this end, some peace of mind....Looking to the future, there's much to accomplish, but for now let’s look at this beginning as just OneStep4Autism.

OneStep4Autism, Inc. is a tax exempt 501c3 nonprofit corporation