Meet The Family

Wow how time flies..Happy New Year and Happy 2019!

Our family consists of the 6 of us…there’s Dad Nick, Mom Marian, daughter Emily, sons Nick, Nicholas and Louis.  No, it’s not a typo…there are 3 Nick’s.  A little confusing at times, but we’ve managed to work around it.

Dad Nick is currently a Residential Coordinator for a local non-profit organization. He holds a bachelor's degree in Human Services Management and is the driving force of this website and OneStep4Autism. His 
interests are music, playing guitar, writing and an unbridled passion for The Oakland Raiders.

I’m Mom Marian.  I am the biological mother of both Nicholas and Louis, who are both on the autism spectrum. Officially, they were diagnosed with PDD-NOS; Nicholas, just 1 week into 3 years of age, and Louis at 18 months. I am an LPN, currently working as a Personal Care Supervisor at a local assisted-living facility. Nick and I have been married since 2004.

Daughter Emily is 29 years old and has a bachelor's degree in Human Services. She recently became a step mom to beautiful Hailey when she and Bill married in 2018. Emily’s interest is also music and has an amazing singing voice. Even though she has her own family now, she will always be Nick and Lou's "big sister".

Son Nick, now 27, holds a bachelor's degree in physical education. He currently teaches at a school for individuals who have autism as well as developmental and intellectual disabilities. He also coaches football at a local high school. Nick is engaged and he and Jade will be married this spring! He plans to continue teaching and coaching football. Nick is a very strong advocate for his brothers. 

Nicholas, affectionately called “Zeke” is 23 years old. Nicholas also has a strong interest in music, playing the drums since age 5. He graduated from the College Experience Program at College of St.Rose and is home working at a local market here in town. Nicholas also loves to play video games and is a big NY Giants football fan.

Louis, the “baby” in the family, stands 5’10” tall at age 20. Louis has made great strides these past years. He was basically non-verbal, going through different phases of communication; pointing, one-word commands, and using movie-jargon to make needs known. He now attends special education classes at a local high school and also has a part time job. Louis’ interests lie with dinosaurs, drawing and all kinds of artwork, and most recently singing. Louis likes to play the piano by ear.

Both Nicholas and Louis love getting together with Emily and Dad to play music. Our  home has music in the air and we are all Beatles fans. The boys also love swimming and really enjoy their pool. The entire family loves football and during the season we watch high school on Friday nights, college on Saturdays and the NFL on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights!! And don't forget to come and cheer Louis and the rest of the gang this spring at the Spring Special Olympics Games!!!!